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This is my proprietary and time proven process that helps take real estate agents from an average of $30,000 commissions to $300,000 annual income! It includes 5 steps:

This is a patented 5 step program that has been proven to increase real estate agents and brokers business and wealth! The five proven steps are:

#1 - Mindset Training

This is America’s top mindset training and includes a process that will tap into your subconscious mind and create a miraculous business and life! This includes magical statements that will increase your income, mp3’s that will improve your ability to allow and receive, help your deals go smoothly and easily and attract referrals and new business “out-of-the-blue”!


#2 - Exclusive Lead Programs

You will be given access to 3 EXCLUSIVE Lead Programs where over 80% of the leads close! This includes a referral program with 5 sessions, a New Home Builder Program and First Responders Program. Most agents are making over $35,000 a month with these programs and they are all included with “Your GPS To Success!”

#3 - Training & Development

You will now have access to the best training that includes the best listing presentation in America, the best ways for you to leverage your business where you make more and earn less! This includes training from the top real estate Agents, Brokers, Trainers and Resources in America!


#4 - Investments

You will now have access to all the money you need to become an investor! You will now have training and resources in any area of real estate that you are interested. This could include apartment buildings, flipping homes, development and any type of investment opportunities anywhere in the U.S.!


#5 - Passive Income

This is the place we all want to be at where we don’t have to do anything and still make money, lots of it! We have many opportunities to make thousands, tens of thousands and more passive income each month! This then creates your legacy where you, your children and grandchildren will have the abundant life!

Other Services

Personal 1:1 Weekly Coaching

I have decided to return to My Personal 1:1 Success Coaching as it is what I love to do, and with the changes there are sooo many opportunities for you to grow your business, wealth and life like never before!

Top Performers Mindset

Attract Your Ideal Clients, Referral Partners and Deals. Tap Into Your Personal ‘Sales Genius.’ Become a Time-Master. Sell At Least 3 More Homes In 60 Days!

7 Days to More Business

If you want to tap into your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and receive more business within 7 days then this two-week masterpiece is for you.

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