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“I’m having so much fun and have so much business because of coaching with Dr. Hank! I have never been happier, while having more time and money!”

Ryan Shea

“My business has exploded and I closed 5 transactions last month and have 8 clients this month because of Dr. Hank’s 1:1 Coaching! I am now living my dream and oh so happy!”

Teresa Price

“My business has doubled! Dr. Hank has reduced my stress and given me more life balance! I’m now in the top 1% real estate professionals in America! I’ve never been happier in my life!”

Maria Leach


Ryan S.

Teresa P.

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I had a breakthrough today during my session with Dr. Hank. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have never felt more free and at peace.

Thank you Dr. Hank from the bottom of my heart for your love and wisdom. You have given me so much light and hope. I have never been more excited for the future! You are the best happiness and success Coach ever!”

-Debra Crystal, CEO, Epigenetic Scan “Making Prevention Profitable” and “Helping People Live Young”

Just want to say that this process sucks because it’s so exposing that you initially want to reject it. When my feeling adjusted and I got over myself the reality hit, Dr. Hank helped me face the lies that I’ve been telling myself and now I’m more authentic and honest with myself.

Without his guidance I would still be lying 🤥 to myself and authenticity is the best way to realize our dreams. Dr. Hank is an Angel, working with him will be the best decision you’ve ever made for your success and future.”

-Rod Johnson Jr., Broker Associate, CIPS, Global REALTOR® Italy

It is truly a blessing to have Dr. Hank as my mentor/coach/friend.  Not only has he helped me with building my business, he has also taught me valuable lessons on how to deal with life itself. These are priceless gifts I have received from Dr. Hank.

As I have mentioned to him on one of our coaching calls, I feel as if I have all the tools in my hand ready to use with building my business.  Not only has he introduced me to these strategies, but he has deepened my knowledge and confidence to use these tools to help grow my business. I have had more closings than ever before in my career as a Realtor.

I have learned so much from him during our live in-person meetings, Zoom calls, and videos. His positive, happy energy is deeply appreciated and is very contagious! I am so excited to see what the future holds!!! Love you Dr. Hank.”


The most life changing decision I made in over 20 years as a REALTOR is accepting Dr. Hank’s invitation to Success & Happiness Coaching. It increased my business and my personal joy and peace in the first 2 weeks. MASSIVE RESULTS!!! Dr. Hank’s extraordinary talent, inspiration, knowledge, and ministry has CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!! Thank you, Dr. Hank for leading me to living my passion and dreams!!!

-Teresa Price, Owner/CEO Homes Land Leases Corp.

Dr. Hank has transformed me, my business and my life! I now feel really great, things are growing in my business and life! I feel complete! I have come to where I have always wanted to be because I Dr. Hank! He has transformed me and my life. I now know that everything in my life is well and getting much better! Dr. Hank is something else and will help you realize your dreams and build your business and life in amazing and incredible ways! He is magical!!!

-Shawn Johnson, Real Estate Broker

Thank you Dr. Hank for the “Extraordinary Real Estate Investor” series of webinars. I would continue for another 7 sessions and our subject today, “I love generosity, abundance and prosperity” more than ever!

-Ros Kaspi, Investor

Dr. Hank I just love You for Your COACHING! I feel so free and serve so many more people and have so much more money now! You help me see the opportunities and how I can use God’s gifts! Thank You, Dr. Hank!

Kedah Shabazz-Terry, Realtor

Dr. Hank has had such a tremendous profound impact on me. I just felt like I was really with the angels after I talk with him!

My mindset has improved so much that even today I had nine appointment scheduled and I got nine commitments!

I’ve never ever had a day like this ever and it’s all because of Dr. Hank’s coaching!

National Influencer Eric O.

“I wanted a great Coach to help me have a more positive mindset. I of course thought of Dr. Hank and just completed six months of his amazing coaching and friendship!

My Life is remarkably better now and I truly think more positively than ever before. Plus, my business has taken off and I am making more, doing less and having way more fun! I have also had 11 listings so far, the most ever, using Dr. Hank’s “Listing Leads Program”!

If you want to have more positive thoughts, want to be more successful and be happier, then Dr. Hank is THE Coach for You!”

Lance Donaldson, Realtor

“I thank you Dr. Hank for your amazing coaching! Your counsel, support and guidance has been priceless!

It is as though I was in a tunnel and you have showed my the light of my potential and the abundance that awaits me!

My business has taken off to the highest level ever and so has my life! I’m happier and amazing things are happening for me now because of you Dr. Hank!

Thank you so much for making my life abundant, business thriving and so much better!”

Andy Dayani, Real Estate Broker

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